With a 165-in. wheelbase and a 48-in. tread up front, the green machine weighs in at 1280 lbs. Race Car Specialties supplied the front end, Tom Hanna did the body work.
   In the interim the two altereds were abandoned in favor of a fueler named the Beebe Brothers and Sixt. With brother Dave at the helm, Tim and Sixt at the wrenches, the car was an immediate success to the tune of some $30,000 total winnings in 1966. Their new found success led to many out-of-state offers for match races. But meeting these dates was next to impossible as Dave Beebe has a job and a family and could not travel. At Dave's suggestion to "put John in the car," Tim was quick to agree - and that's how Beebe and Mulligan began.
   The first race of any consequence was also the first annual Professional Dragsters Association Championships at Lions in July of '67. "Moe" set the track record of 6.70 e.t. and 230 mph first run out of the box. And in the course of the evening he whipped the entire field of 64 cars including meet winner Don Prudhomme in the semi-final round. Sounds strange? Read further.
   It seems that in the semi-final round of top fuel there were four cars: Dave Beebe driving for Bill Crossley, Jack Ewell, Baney & Prudhomme and Mulligan. As the round came off. Mulligan whipped Purdhomme soundly, but as Ewell faced Dave Beebe, there were some strange incidents, Jack Ewell left too soon and got a red light. Dave Beebe broke the rear end in his car and crossed the center line, thus automatically eliminating both cars.

   With a "break" rule in effect, the car qualified to be re-instated was Prudhomme by virtue of his low e.t. of the previous round (not having fouled or crossed the center line). Dig? So the final round was a rematch of the semi-final in which Prudhomme squeeked by Mulligan. Confused? You should have been there.
   Anyway this was the beginning of a string of runner-ups that still plague the Beebe and Mulligan duo. Just to give you an idea . . . they had top time and low e.t. at the NHRA Springnationals when helper and chief tire changer McEwen installed the wrong lug nuts on a new set of wheels and tires. On the run for the money against Garlits, Mulligan had him covered but had to shut off because the off-center wheels began to vibrate violently. Runner-up. At the ADRA World Fuel Championships at Green Valley Raceway, Mulligan had a half car lead only to hit some oil and have the car slide sideways out of shape - again runner-up, this time to the Carroll Brothers. The NHRA World Finals at Tuba saw Mulligan with a two-car lead over Benny Osborn only to have his clutch wear out. All in all they were runner up at six major national meets while setting either low e.t. or top time or both at every one of them Beebe and Mulligan are undisputed low e.t. record holders, having run 6.65 at several different race tracks across the country.

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Padded roll bar and dual Simpson chutes add to Mulligan's security in the event of a mishap.

The RCS hellhousing encloses a Hays clutch and flywheel. Toe strap on the gas pedal ensures a positive return.
RCS manufactured the 6:1 steering
box. A late model Plymouth rear end
contains 3.63:1 gears and features
full floating Donovan axles. An eighth-
inch shield protects the U-joint.

A Cirello magneto provides the spark to Beebe's 400-inch Chrysler. Jerry Jardine fashioned the headers from .060-in. chrome moly steel

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