While Foster constructed the car, West was back in Paso Robles, CA gathering engine parts. Just like the old days, you still find and grab any 392 hemi you come across. Above is how the engine for the Beebe & Mulligan was found.


To make his recreation as accurate as possible, West searched high and low to find all the period correct parts he could... like this 1968 Cragar blower manifold and snout (below).



Needless to say, most everything needed some serious cleaning and or polishing.


Period correct Donovan valve covers are getting hard to find - but West found these in nice shape. Like the old Halibrand wheels (below) they needed some serious polishing.



Donovan gear drive


Cirillo magnito


Donovan rocker assembly



And then there are the parts one must buy new - like rods and pistons.


The end result sits on a stand in the West garage waiting for its "home" to arrive. A period correct, Tim Beebe built, 392 ready for nitro.



Minus chrome and paint, the car made its trip from Kansas to California. This is what it looked like the day Dave took it out of the trailer at his home.





With the 2000 California Hot Rod Reunion rapidly approaching, the objective was to get the engine in the car and make sure everything was perfect before it was disassembled for chrome and paint.







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