John Mulligan didn't start out driving dragster. His first race car was this Willys (33-34) coupe gasser.


1964 saw the debut of the famous Ward and Wayre car, the "Longshot" and a rising star driver, Mulligan (above in 1965). John cut his dragster teeth in the Chevy-powered Ward and Wayre "Bigshot" but started getting major attention in the newer of the two car team - the "Longshot".


The "Longshot" was a Woody car built for Glen Ward who was much bigger than Mulligan. Here Moe looks lost in the cockpit at Long Beach.







This is a never before seen candid shot of John inside Frank Fedak's house in 1966. Check out the wooden train on the floor.
Dorothy Fedak Photo



After the Ward & Wayre deal broke up in 1966, Wayre built a new Woody car and teamed up with engine-tuning master, Gene Adams - keeping Moe in the seat. The new team of Adams - Wayre and Mulligan (below) became the first to break into the sixes at Carlsbad in 1966 with a super strong 6.95.


John Mulligan, Gene Adams and Jack Wayre




This 1966 photo from Carlsbad Raceway is a true testament to Mulligan's competitive spirit. After loosing one chute on the push start (the crew picked it up and stuffed it into the cockpit) John was ready to stage and race. The starter (on left) wasn't going for it and shut him off. There is no doubt that Zook would have run had he not.







The Adams-Wayre-Mulligan AA/FD was John's springboard to his ride in the Beebe Bros. & Sixt car in 1967 and then the partnership with Tim Beebe and of course, the Beebe & Mulligan cars that this site is about.


Pre race parade at Long Beach in 1966.


Mini-bike wheelie at (top) and clowin' around at Lions in 1966.



Chute out at Pomona.


In the lights at Riverside.


Sitting in the endless staging lanes at Indy in 1966.


John and his trademark cigar in 1967.


Lee Sixt, Tim Beebe & Dave Beebe in 1967 with what would become the first Beebe & Mulligan car in 1968.


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