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Note: The cover shot of the Beebe & Mulligan dragster for this Super Stock & Drag Illustrated magazine was a first. For the month of February 1969 they had two covers... the dragster was on the cover of the magazine sold only on the West Coast and it was the one and only dragster to ever appear on a SSDI cover, period.

The shot was done at OCIR when the Woody car was brand new after Tulsa, probably in November of 1968. Tim related that right after the photo was taken they popped the blower. Tim was upset that John did the burnout, lifted and then stabbed it again launching the supercharger. Tim, "We weren't even racing and Mulligan ruined a brand new Hampton blower."

This article provided the best description of the car that we reproduced. As can be seen in the photos, the car was new and a lot of details can be seen. The technical data was determined to be very accurate and was very useful to replicate the car exactly. Dave West

The Fleeting Irish - Part 1

The Fleeting Irish - Part 2

The Fleeting Irish - Part 3

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