Early in 1967 Jack Wayre gave up racing, and John went to driving for the Beebe brothers once again. They wanted to tour the car, and Dave couldn't take time off to drive, so John was given the reins of power again and off they went. The first year on tour wasn't bad, but wasn't as successful as others have been since. Even though they made money, they came home right after the Nationals at Indianapolis, rested, and then took home the loot from a big meet at Long Beach.    Bakersfield of 1968 was almost the end of Mulligan's career as a driver. A fire that followed one of the most powerful blower explosions ever witnessed, burned John's eyes around and under his goggles, and he was rushed to the hospital in great pain. With John in the ambulance, work was started on swapping engines, and Tom McEwen got ready to drive in the next round (John had won even though he lost the blower). Then the track management vetoed McEwen driving the car, knocking them out once again. John still bears the scars from that fire.

Blossoming dual chutes from the Beebes' rail, Mulligan closes down another top speed run. Later combine with brother Tim fostered impressive 1968 AA/FD (bottom) that earned "bridesmaid" tag for the duo. Flashy green strips are "Fighting Irish" colors. First of his stripe cars was '66 A & W rail (below) that churned with power by injector expert Adams' Chrysler.

   From such a disastrous beginning, the year of 1968 was really quite successful for the team, as they set 28 new strip records throughout the country in such places as: Carlsbad: 231 mph, Las Vegas: 6.85 sec, Bakersfield: 231, Orange County: 229, Aquasco, Md.: 6.86, Cecil County, Md.: 6.85, Englishtown, N.J.: 6.65-232, Indy: 233, Martin, Mich: 6.66-224, Bristol, Tenn.: 6.87-227.

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