Dave and Charlie West's "Camp Beebe & Mulligan" was once again set up in a prime spot just off the staging lanes. This allowed larger crowd exposure and a better chance for fans to get a close look at this beautiful car.


This is the Beebe & Mulligan pit wagon. Revisit the site soon and see what it is all about. Ditto on Dave's push truck (below) that he bought new from Cone Chevrolet where the Beebe clan worked. It still sports its original paint.



This year Dave got out for some photo ops like this classic. Flanked by Tom Hanna and Lee Wilson they pose with the cardboard likenesses of two legends. The late Steve Carbone and Ed Donovan.


Bob Creitz, Mike Kuhl and Dave.


Dave and Nick Arias Sr.


Dave with Roland Leong and Larry Reyes.



In what is becoming a tradition, West once again arranged to do a push start and burnout on both Saturday and Sunday. Here, to the delight of the fans, is his Saturday performance.












At the end of the burnout the tires started to hook up throwing the car a big off balance.


No harm, no foul, Dave idled to the far end.






Saturday night offered another edition of "Cacklefest"... this one was Number Six. Since it was first conceived 6 years ago by Greg Sharp and Steve Gibbs, Cacklefest has grown from 9 cars to over 50 entries in 2006. Any and all superlatives have long been used to describe this phenomenon so without further ado, here is Dave West and his Beebe & Mulligan fueler in the sixth and by far largest edition of the "Original Cacklefest".


Before the parade all the cacklecars assembled in the staging lanes then pushed onto the track for the Cacklefest Parade and introductions.





Once at the end of the track the drivers got suited up and ready to push start.



When the signal is given, the cars start down the 1/4 mile push road toward the starting line. The red van pushing the car is Al Bergler's. Dave's regular green pickup broke the push bar attempting to push the car around a corner. The push bar didn't like it and Bergler's van was handy and allowed them to make the push down fire up.


Being one of the original nine cacklecars, West was near the end of the endless barrage of fuel dragsters to park in his spot on the track. After all the cars were finally done running, the fans were invited onto the track to meet the drivers and crews. A spectacular event.



And so ended another stellar Cacklefest for the Dave West and the Beebe & Mulligan team. Their sights now set on the 2007 season so watch for them at a nostalgia meet near you.



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Beebe & Mulligan at 2008 Goodwood Festival of Speed


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